Train Coach Position

How to Check Train Coach Position

For checking train coach position just visit Train Coach Position on any smart phone and then enter the 5 digit train number whose train coach position you want to know and the click on the Search button.

In a while you will be displayed with a list of coaches from top to bottom with thier respective names mentioned in each coach boxes.

The coach position of the train will be aligned in top to bottom fashion.

If you get any type of error while searching for train coach postion then make sure that the 5 digit of the train number is valid.

What is Train Coach Position

Train Coach Position in Indian Railways means the location or arrangement of different types of coaches of the train while the train is running.

Most of the railway stations in India do not have the facility of digital display on the platform due to which lot of passengers face problem every day as they don't know the exact location on the platform where the specific coach will be located.

This problem commonly occurs on such stations where the train halts for 2 to 5 minutes because it is very difficult for any passenger to locate the excact location of the coaches in such a less span of time.

Train Coach Position feature by provides all the information related to the trains like the exact position of the specific coach, how much coach does a train has, the source and destination station of the train etc. with the help of internet anywhere around the world.

Therefore, it is very important to check the coach position before hand in order to safely and quickly onboard on the train.

What is coach in train?

Indian Railway offers different types of travel classes in thier trains for thier passengers and the passengers prefers these classes according to thier budget, comfort and various reasons.

The coaches are mainly divided into two categories that is reserved coaches and unreserved coaches. The reserved coaches are costly and confortable as compared to unreserved coaches because in such type of coaches passengers get lot of facility along with comfort.

Indian railway generally uses two types of train coaches. One is ICF (Integral Coach Factory ) , and the other is LHB (Link Hofmann Bush )

The difference between ICF and LHB is that LHB coahces are capable of travelling at much higher speed and they are more safe as compared to ICF.

What are different types of coaches in Train

The coaches in train are divided in to different classes. These coaches are sometime also called Bogie in local languages.

Below it is mentioned types of bogies in Indian Railway trains:

  • Sleeper Class ( Code : SL )

  • Air Conditioned Chair Car Class ( Code : CC )

  • Air Conditioned Three - Tier Class

  • Second Seating Class ( Code 2A )

  • First Class AC coach ( Code 1A )