DDN SHTBDI EXP 12017 Train Running Status

Train has Reached its Destination!

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Schedule Arrival Station ETA
New Delhi Source
Ghaziabad 07:25
Meerut City 08:09
Muzaffarnagar 08:45
Saharanpur 09:38
Roorkee 10:45
Haridwar Jn 11:39
Dehradun 12:52

DDN SHTBDI EXP 12017 Live Train Running Status

DDN SHTBDI EXP (12017) runs from Delhi to Dehradun. It departs from New Delhi station (NDLS) at from platform 16 and arrives at Dehradun station (DDN) at on platform 3. DDN SHTBDI EXP takes 6 hrs 10 mints to cover the distance of 314 km between Delhi and Dehradun. It is a superfast train. The average speed of this train is 50 kmph. It has classes Executive Class (EC) and Chair Car (CC). This train runs daily. Final chart for DDN SHTBDI EXP is prepared at Delhi usually 3-4 hours before train departure time..


Where is 12017 DDN SHTBDI EXP?

12017 DDN SHTBDI EXP Train has Reached its Destination!.

Where is the source and destination station of 12017 DDN SHTBDI EXP?

12017 DDN SHTBDI EXP starts its journey from the source station New Delhi and ends at the destination station Dehradun.

How much distance DDN SHTBDI EXP covers?

DDN SHTBDI EXP covers a total distance of approximately 314 Kilometers.