Vikalp in IRCTC helps passengers to get confirm seat in another train, if the ticket remains in waiting list after the preparation of the chart.

Getting confirm ticket just one or two days before the departure of the train is really a very hard task therefore its recommended to book your train ticket at least one month before the journey date.

But still in most of the train passengers get waiting list even one month before the date of journey in such a situation VIKALP option can help passengers to get confirm ticket in another train on the same day.

So, if you want to know what is OPT VIKALP option in IRCTC and how to use OPT VIKALP in IRCTC then read this article to get answers to all your questions.

What is Vikalp in IRCTC?

VIKALP in IRCTC is a new scheme introduced by IRCTC through which Indian Railway passengers whose ticket is in waiting list can choose confirm berth in another train if there is any vacant seat left in that train.

Normally, during the reservation if the ticket is in waiting list and it still remains in the waiting list even after the preparation of the chart that is 4 hours before the schedule departure of the train from the source station then in such case ticket is automatically cancelled and refund is initiated.

But if during the reservation of the same ticket OPT VIKALP option is chosen then instead of cancellation of the ticket, confirm seat is allocated in another train of the same route.

For example if waiting ticket is booked from Delhi to Mumbai and VIKALP option is chosen, later if the ticket is not confirmed even after the preparation of the chart then in that case passenger can choose another train that is departing from the same station within 3 to 72 hours provided that there is any vacant berth in that train.

If there is no berth available in another train then at last the waiting ticket is cancelled.

VIKALP option is only available to passenger booking their ticket online through IRCTC. This feature is not available on offline booking from window.

The motive of VIKALP option is to utilize the vacant berths in all the train to maximum.

Is opting for vikalp good?

Vikalp option can be best for all those passengers who are flexible to travel in any train irrespective of date and time. Furthermore this feature is available for passengers of all types of classes and there is no extra fee for this service.

Is it good to opt vikalp in IRCTC?

Vikalp in IRCTC increases the chance of confirmation of waiting list ticket in alternate train so it can be very good option. Moreover there is no extra cost for opting vikalp option in IRCTC.

What if vikalp ticket is not confirmed?

Vikalp option in IRCTC does not guarantee confirm ticket in alternate trains because it totally depends upon the availability of berth in other trains. However if the vikalp ticket is not confirmed then it will be automatically cancelled and refund will be initiated.

How can I check my vikalp train PNR status?

Vikalp train PNR status can be easily checked at IRCTC website or Indian Railway website.

Viklap train PNR status can be easily checked at Check PNR status.