What is Railofy? | How to Travel after Waiting Ticket is not Confirmed?

Is your ticket is still in RAC or waiting list and their is no chance of confirmation then don't worry.

In this post you will get solution to all your problems and you will never cancel your journey in case if you still don't have confirm train ticket.

What is RAC Ticket?

RAC stands for reservation against cancellation. Passengers having RAC ticket do not get full berth, instead one seat is shared with two persons.

In RAC, only side lower berth is provided. There is high chances of confirmation of ticket that is in RAC before the preparation of the chart.

What is Waiting Ticket?

When all the seats available in a particular class of a train is booked and there is no seat left for reservation then waiting ticket is provided to the passenger.

Waiting ticket is issued after RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) quota is over. Waiting ticket is confirmed only when someone cancel his/her confirmed ticket, then in place of cancelled ticket, least waiting list ticket is confirmed and so on.

High chances of waiting ticket being confirmed is when a new coach is added to the train.

Can We Travel with Waiting Ticket in Train?

According to the rules mentioned in Indian Railway, if any ticket that is booked in waiting list and does not confirms after the preparation of the final chart and it still remains in waiting then in such case, ticket is automatically cancelled and amount is refunded back in to the customers bank.

In such situation, both the time and money of the passenger is wasted and he/she could not travel in the train.

But in this post I will tell you solution to this problem.

How to Travel after Waiting Ticket is not Confirmed?

Once the train ticket is not confirmed after the chart has been prepared, no passengers can travel with waiting train ticket.

Good news, Railofy has brought instant solution of this problem.

Railofy assures that you travel to you destination without any problem using its feature called waitlist and RAC protection.

If ticket is booked under waitlist and RAC protection scheme on Railofy app then after the preparation of the chart if your ticket is not confirmed then, Railofy provides you with flight ticket, so that you can travel your destination without interruption.

The flight ticket of the railofy will be available at very low cost which is approximately similar to the train ticket amount.

If flight is not available between the source and the destination, then bus ticket is also provided to such passengers that have booked the ticket under railofy protection scheme at very low cost.


Now book your ticket without any hesitation with railofy app. Hope you have got all answers to your questions. If still you have any question in mind while booking train ticket then feel free to contact us.

Thank you