What is H1 Class Coach in Train

H1 coach in train means first class air conditioned coach. H coach or H1 bogie is the first class coach in Indian Raiwaly which consist of seprate cabins and coupes.

In few years, Indian railway has became more advanced as compared to older one when there were limited coaches in the train and not much facility.

But now days, single engine in a train carries 20 to 30 coaches of different class to give passengers comfort and memorable journey.

Not only advancement and enhancement in coaches but also there are variety of trains that makes the journey more comfortable, fast and safe such as Rajdhani trains, Gareebrath etc.

In Indian railway, most cheapest coach is unreserved one where there is no need to reserve any seat.

Only book the ticket and get on any seat but if there is no seat left you can travel by adjusting or standing, but such type of journey is not comfortable for long distance.

For middle class there is sleeper and AC coaches where one can reserve their seat and travel for long distance by sleeping on their personal berth.

The most expensive and luxurious coach of every train is 1st class ac coach.

What is H1 Coach in Indian Railway?

H1 class coach is a first class air-conditioned coach of a train. In this H stands for first class AC coach and 1 stands for first class.

Hence, H1 means first class AC first coach. This coach is most expensive coach of Indian Railway and therefore the fare of this coach is very high.

In such type of coaches there are either two or four berths in each compartment.

If there is only two berth in a compartment then it is called coupe and if there is four berths present in a compartment then it is called cabin.

Moreover such coaches dooes not have any side upper or lower berth and

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book h1 coach in train?

H1 coach in train can be easily booked either from the Railway reservation counter or online through IRCTC website. While booking train ticket you just need to mention the travel class as AC First Class.

What is H1 Coach Price?

H1 coach ticket price is usually higher as compared to any other class in the train because H1 comparments are the most superior class of any train. The h1 ticket price totally depends on the train type and the distance you want to travel. There is not any fixed amout but as compared to other classes in the train it is the most expensive class as compared to sleeper or 2nd AC.

How many seats does an H1 coach have?

H1 coach consist of 2 types of blocks one is coupe and another is cabin.

The coupes have only two seats that is what we call lower berth where as the cabins have total four seats that is two upper seat and two lower seats aligned in front of each other.

What is difference between H1 and A1 coach?

H1 coach is an AC first class or AC one tier coach in a train where as A1 coach is an AC 2nd class or AC 2 tier coach.

H1 coach is costlier than A1 coach, also H1 compartment does not have any side upper or side lower seat where as A1 compartment has side lower and side upper seat.

What is H1 and H2 in train?

H1 and H2 both are first class AC compartment of a train. The only difference between h1 and h2 is the number 1 and 2 which means h1 is the first coach of H class and h2 is the second coach of H class and so on.