What is EA Class Coach (Executive Anubhuti Coach in Indian Railway)

EA Class (Executive Anubhuti Coach) in Shatabdi

Everyone thinks of a comfort before going for a long journey since travelling for a long distance and for a long time can cause lot of problemsin some people like motion sickness and other travel related issue and in such situation India Railway is considered as the best means of transport for journey because trains are more secure, comfortable and reliable as compared to other means of transport like buses and flights.

This is also one of the reason why tickets are not available in most of the train because train tickets can be booked 3 months before and many of them book ticket when booking time begins and at end there is no available ticket.

Many people cannot travel in buses or flights due to motion sickness and most of the passengers avoid travelling in buses because buses are best for travelling for short distance like in travelling between 2 cities near by or in the same state but for long journey buses are irritating.

Moreover in bus only one can sit and travel but in trains we can lie down and sleep on our berth with facility of air conditioned coaches and washroom and in bus there is lack of such facilities.

Indian Railway provides variety of trains with some over exciting journey that makes your travel experience far more better. Among variety of train there is one train called Shatabdi.

These trains come under the category of luxurious trains and in this post we are going to discuss about EA coach or executive anubhuti coach in shatabdi.

What are Coaches in Train?

A coach is a compartment where seats are arranged in a manner that several passengers can sit and travel in an order.

In a train there are different types of coaches like coaches with only chair car where seats are arranged in such a way that only passengers can sit another type of coaches are like air conditioned coach etc.

What are Shatabdi Trains?

Shatabdi trains are amongest premium trains in Indian Railway that runs between two major cities or metro cities. These trains runs only between two large cities and has no stoppage at small stations.

The most special thing about this train is that it runs during day time only that is the train return back to the originating station same day. For example if Shatabdi train is schedule to start from Lucknow to Delhi then it will start from Lucknow at early morning, reach destination station Delhi same day and returns back to Lucknow before night.

Shatabdi trains run for short distance where journey can be completed during day time. In Shatabdi there is a special coach named Executive Anubhuti which is very luxurious coach and gives the feel of sitting in a flight.

What is EA Class Coach (Executive Anubhuti)

EA coach or Executive Anubhuti coaches are luxury coaches similar to chair cars that gives the experience of flight journey because in this class coaches and seats are designed in such a way that it gives the look of airplane.

In this type of coach seats are divided into ratio of two: a pair of two seats at left and right with path in between. In this manner there are total 56 seats in one coach.

In EA class each seat is equipped with personalized LED display where passengers can keep them entertained through out the journey by listening to the music, watching videos and much more.
Also each seat have reading lights which passengers can use personally for reading books while other lights are off without disturbing others.

In the upper side of the seat there is a luggage rake where passenger can easily keep their luggage.

Along with all these advanced facilities there is also USB and charging port present in the middle of two seats for charging mobile phone, laptops and other small electronic components.

EA class coach is found in trains like shatabdi express.

What is difference between Shatabdi and Rajdhan Express?

Shatabdi and Rajdhani both are premium passenger trains of India Railway.
Most people don’t know the difference between these trains and often get confused.

Shatabdi express and both are passenger trains but Shatabdi is given more preference than Rajdhani express because Shatabdi trains are especially for tourist and businessman travelling for short distance but Rajdhani trains run between different capitals of India and these trains travel longer distance and its journey duration can be more than one day.

All the coaches in Shatabdi trains are of type chair car like AC chair car, executive chair car and Anubhuti chair car whereas Rajdhani has 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class coaches. Both type of trains are fully air conditioned and charges of foods are already included in the ticket fare.

Shatabdi trains travel distance less than 1000 Kilometres but Rajdhani Trains travel more than 1000 kilometres.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we get Catering Facility in Shatabdi Express?

Yes catering services are offered in all premium trains of Indian Railway including Shatabdi express.

What if I don't want to take catering service in Train?

Any passenger travelling in a train is free to opt out of catering offered by Indian Railway. In such case while booking the ticket you have to opt out of such facility and your foods charges will be reduced from the fare.

Does EA coach also available in other trains?

No EA (Executive Anubhuti) class coach is only available in shatabdi trains because these are short distance train and have facility of chair car only.

What is the difference between normal chair car and executive chair car?

Normal chair car can be or cannot be air conditioned but executive chair car is fully air conditioned coach. EA class coach are luxurious chair car coaches where one can easily spread his/her leg and sit in comfortable position along with this every seat has its own personalized display for entertainment and reading lights where as normal chair car coaches does not provide these facilities.