Print Train Ticket by PNR from IRCTC | How to Download Booked Ticket

In the era of the modern internet world, the Indian Railway has digitized most of its services to offer more convenience to its passenger.

Among many online services, the Indian Railway also allows the reservation of seats in train online through IRCTC. Anyone having an account on IRCTC can book a train ticket easily.

Once the ticket is booked the next step before going on the journey is to download the ticket so that it can be presented before the T.T.E or ticket checker when asked.

Most people prefer to take e-ticket with themselves but still, there are many passengers who need a hard copy of the ticket.

For e-ticket or to take out a print of the ticket, it must be downloaded first so, in this post, I will tell how to download booked ticket from IRCTC and print train ticket by PNR.

Steps to Print Train Ticket by PNR

1. Visit IRCTC official website by search IRCTC on Google or directly visit

2. Click on the LOGIN button at the top of the page and Log in to the same account from which the ticket was booked using the username and password and then filling Captcha.

3. If you are on mobile then convert the mobile view into desktop view by clicking on 3 dots at the top right corner of the chrome browser and then check the desktop site checkbox.

4. As soon as the Desktop site option is ticked the page of the mobile will be refreshed again and it might ask for login once more.

5. After successful login into the account click on the MY ACCOUNT option at the top of the page.

6. In the My Account option go to My Transaction and then navigate to Booked Ticket History.

7. Click on Booked Ticket History.

8. On clicking Booked ticket history option a new page will open containing a list of all past and upcoming journey tickets.

9. Now from the list tap on the ticket that needs to be printed.

10. When a ticket is tapped from the list, the tapped ticket will expand.

11. Now on the top left of the ticket search for the PNR number.

12. Just after the PNR number there will be a printer icon.

13. Click on the printer icon just after the PNR number.

14. Now again a new page with full details of booking in the form of a ticket will open.

15. Scroll down at the end of the page and there will be an option of PRINT.

16. Click on the Print button to download the ticket.

17. If you are on mobile then, when this print button is clicked it will ask to save as PDF.

18. Click on save as pdf and your ticket will be downloaded which can be printed later with the help of a printer.

What is E-Ticket?

E-ticket stands for the electronic ticket. It is a type of paperless ticket that is stored in an electronic device.

When the ticket is booked through IRCTC or any other online platform then e-ticket can be easily downloaded on the mobile phone from the website or app from which the ticket was booked.

The purpose of the e-ticket is to save paper waste. It is necessary to take an ID proof with an e-ticket which must be shown when asked by the T.T.E.

The e-ticket can be shown to the T.T.E in the form of a PDF downloaded from the IRCTC website or SMS that is sent by IRCTC to the registered mobile number along with valid ID proof of the passenger travelling on the train.

The name of the passenger on the ID proof and E-ticket must be exactly the same.

What is I-Ticket?

I-ticket is same as the ticket issued from the window of railway reservation counter but the only difference between window ticket and I-ticket is that in window ticket passenger has to visit reservation counter in order to reserve and take the ticket but in case of I-ticket, the passenger needs to book ticket online through IRCTC and the ticket is sent to the passenger's address via post or courier within 2 days.

E-Ticket vs I-Ticket

The difference between an E-ticket an I-Ticket is that an e-ticket is a paperless ticket while I-ticket is a ticket printed on paper.

Moreover, an e-ticket can be booked anytime even on the day of scheduled departure of the train while I-ticket can be booked at least 2 days before the scheduled departure of the train from the source station.

The main difference between the E-ticket and I-ticket is that if an e-ticket is not confirmed or it remains in the waiting list then such tickets are automatically cancelled and a refund is initiated back to the same bank account from where the fare was deducted while booking the ticket.

But a passenger having I-ticket in waiting list can travel on the train because the ticket is not cancelled until and unless the passenger itself cancels the ticket.

However in such case no seat is provided to the passenger while travelling in the train.

Final Words

I Hope, this article has helped you in solving your questions of still there is any query related to the ticket in IRCTC feel free to comment in the box.

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