Meaning of AX1, HE1 and DX1 Coach In Indian Railway

Travelling in train is most comfortable and safest mode of transport as compared to buses and airplane.

Buses are good for short journey but for travelling longer distance comfortable railway is the primary choice of every passengers since you can travel in a train like a home without any discomfort.

At night in sleeper and other higher class passengers can lie down on their seats and sleep restfully without any problem.

However now days buses also comes with sleeper seats and are air conditioned but still many people feel discomfort on buses due to motion sickness.

Indian Railway is known for its comfort due to various types of coaches each having its own specialty.

While travelling in a train you might have notice various codes written on the train coaches, so in this post I will tell you the meaning of some codes written on air-conditioned coaches.

What is AX1 Coach?

In AX1 coach A stands for AC 2 tier, X stands for Extra and 1 stands for first class, in this way meaning of AX1 is AC two tier first class extra coach.

In simple words we can say that AX1 is an extra 2 tier coach that is added to the train.

Meaning of HE1 on Train Caoch?

HE1 is an AC first class extra coach. In HE1, H stands for AC first class coach, E stands for extra coach and 1 stands for first coach.

In other words, we can say that HE1 is an extra first class coach that is added to the train. HE1 coach is always comes after the H1 coach since it is an extra coach.

What is DX1 Coach?

In DX1 coach D stands for chair car coach, X stands for extra and 1 stands for first class. In simple words we can say that DX1 is an extra chair car coach.

DX1 is a non ac coach with 6 seats arranged in a row. Such coaches are generally more comfortable for short journey only.