M1 Coach in Train

Almost every day Indian railway makes new changes in their system in order to serve more comfort and safety to their passengers while travelling on a train.

In this connection, Indian railway has introduced m1 coach in train which is also called 3A economy class.

The motive of this class is to deliver more easy and comfortable journey to the passengers at very low cost.

Read this article till end to know what is m1 coach in train? And I am sure you will get answer to all your questions related to m1 coaches in Indian Railway.

What is M1 coach in Train?

The new 3E or 3 AC economy coaches in Indian railway is denoted by m1, m2, m3 and so on.

Like sleeper class coaches are indicated as s1, s2, s3... 3 tier AC coaches are labelled as B1, B2, B3... similarly 3 AC economy coaches are referred as M1, M2, M3 and so on.

AC-3 economy coach or 3E coach in train is fully air conditioned coach which is almost similar to 3A or 3 tier AC coach but the only difference between AC 3rd economy and 3A is that the number of seats/berth in AC 3 economy is more by 8 and thr fare of this coach is 8% cheaper as compared to AC 3 tier.

If you want to check exact position of 3E coach of any train on a platform then you can search it on Train Coach Position by just entering the train number whose coach position you want to know.