Change Boarding Station in IRCTC of Online Ticket

Booked a ticket from another station? Forgot to mention the boarding station and don't know how to change boarding point in IRCTC, don't worry because in this post I will tell you how to change boarding station of online ticket booked through IRCTC.

Read this article till end and you will get all the answer to your question.

Everything is becoming digital, now no one wants to stand in long queues and wait for an hours to book their ticket.

Now days everyone prefer to book their train ticket online through various travel website like IRCTC, Make My Trip, Goibibo etc.

The most widely used online platform for booking train ticket is IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). Millions of passengers monthly reserve train ticket through this platform.

While booking train tickets online there are many options that need to be taken care of, so that there should be no problem because there is no one to guide you or tell you while booking train ticket online except few limited instruction that many users failed to understand.

One of the such problem is choosing the boarding point. Many users while booking train ticket through IRCTC ignores to choose boarding point and by default selected option is submitted.

What is Boarding Station?

Boarding station is a station from where passengers choose to sit on the train.

For example if a train ticket is booked from Lucknow to Delhi and boarding station is selected as Lucknow then passengers should take his/her seat at Lucknow station.

Similarly if boarding station is selected as Kanpur Central while booking ticket from Lucknow to Delhi then passenger is recommended to sit at Kanpur Central.

Why Boarding Station is Important to Select?

Its is mandatory to select boarding station because it helps the T.T.E to know if you have missed the train so that the vacant seat can be re-allocated to another passenger in need.

For example if a train ticket is booked from Lucknow to Delhi and boarding station is mentioned as Lucknow Junction then T.T.E will wait up to 2 upcoming stations and after that the seat can be assigned to another passenger in need with extra charge.

How to Change Boarding Station in IRCTC Online?

Boarding station of the ticket can only be changed if the ticket is booked online through IRCTC. If the ticket is made from Railway counter then it cannot be changed and in such case you need to visit the reservation ticket counter of nearest station.

Follow below steps to change boarding point:

  • Open chrome browser on your computer or smartphone. ( For better experience ).

  • Go to IRCTC official website or Click Here IRCTC.

  • If you are on mobile then enable desktop view in the chrome browser.

  • Click on the Log In button at the top menu of the website.

  • Now a Login window will pop up where you need to fill valid username and password and the enter correct captcha.

  • After successfully log in into your account Go to MY ACCOUNT in the top second menu.

  • Click on My Transaction option present in the My Account.

  • Under My Transaction option click on Booked ticket history where you will get list of all the ticket that are currently booked.

  • Search for the ticket whose boarding station you want to change from the list of ticket or just click on Upcoming option on the top to quickly get list of all the upcoming journey ticket.

  • Click on the ticket whose boarding station you want to change to open the ticket.

  • Now scroll down of the ticket and in the down you will multiple option in which there will be an option of Change Boarding Point.

  • Simply click onChange Boarding Point button and there you will get list of all the intermediate station between the booked station.

  • Select the station from where you wish to board on the train.

  • Again a pop window will appear asking you to finally confirm the changes.

  • Click on the Ok button and your boarding station will be changed successfully.

In this way boarding station of any train can be changed online through IRCTC website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change boarding station offline?

If the ticket is booked online through any website or app then the boarding station can only be changed online from the same website from which it was booked for example if the ticket was booked from IRCTC then a passenger can easily log into account and change the boarding station as mentioned above.

However if the ticket is booked offline from any Railway reservation counter then a request has to be submitted in written to the station master or at ticket counter.

Can We Change Boarding Point After Booking Ticket?

Yes, boarding point can be changed even after booking the ticket.