How to Book Train Ticket in IRCTC | Step-by-Step Guide

In this modern digital world, everyone wants comfort and ease and that is why online platforms have became so famous

For booking ticket on IRCTC, a user must have an existing account with valid username and password. If you have not created an account on IRCTC yet and want to create then you must read :

How to Create IRCTC Account

Train tickets in the IRCTC can be booked in two ways that is either through IRCTC official website or through IRCTC apps available for android and IOS user. 

In this article, I will tell step by step process on how to book train ticket on IRCTC website from mobile or computer. 

For better experience of the website it is recommended to use Google's chrome browser.

First of all open chrome browser on your mobile, laptop or computer and search for IRCTC on the Google or directly visit IRCTC official website by clicking here 

Once the page is fully loaded, you can see the Book Ticket Form on the main page as shown below:

Start entering the details of ticket booking as follows:

In the From section start typing name or code of the source station from where journey will start and then select the suggestions from the drop down and in the To section enter the final destination station up to where you need to travel.

Next select the date of journey on which date you have to travel.

Next select the coach class.

By default the class is selected as All Classes which will show the availability of the seat in different classes like sleeper, chair car, first class, second class etc. If you want to travel in specific class only then select that class else leave it as it is.

Next select the quota only if you want to do reservation of ticket in specific quota like divyaang, tatkal, ladies etc. else leave it as general.

Below all this there will be check box option which can be used to speed up the booking process.

Let's understand each of them one by one:

Divyaang Concession

This box can only be checked if a passenger want to travel in divyaang quota and had a valid disability certificate.

When this box is ticked, concession will be applied on the normal fare of the ticket and discounted price will be displayed to the user.

Flexible with Date

If a passenger is flexible to travel at any date and his motive is to get confirm ticket on any day then this option should be checked.

When this option is checked and by chance the ticket is not available at selected date then it will display the availability of tickets om other dates too.

Train with Available Berth

If a user tick this option while booking the train ticket then the list of only those trains will be displayed that has an available ticket. If there is no ticket available in any train then it will show 0 result.

For example, if a passenger wants to book a train ticket from LUCKNOW to DELHI and there are total 50 trains available out of which tickets are available in only 25 trains then if the passenger checks this option then the list of those 25 trains having available seat will be displayed. This is will save time of the passenger while booking train ticket.

Railway Pass Concession

This option is similar to Divyaang Concession. Ticking this option will display the discounted fare of ticket a fter applying Railway pass concession that are provided to the employees working in Indian Railway.

At last click on the Search button.

As soon as the search button is clicked, a list of all the trains that will run on selected day with seat availability in different classes are displayed.

On this page at the top user can easily modify the search result by re-selecting any option for example if the there is no berth available from the source station search before then it can be easily modified using this box by re-selecting the source station and then again clicking on the Modify search result.

This will refresh the result and a new result will be displayed according to the query.

Next will be a list of all the trains along with schedule arrival and departure time from source and destination station that user have searched for and each list will contain current availability status of the seats in different classes along with fare.

The availability status of the seat in different trains vary from AVAILABLE, WAITING LIST to REGRET. If the status is shown as REGRET then reservation in that class of train is not allowed.

For more information on different type of seat booking status read this article:

Types of Reservations and Tickets in Indian Railway

You can easily make choice of the train according to fare, timing, seats and much more.

Now, below every list there will be a Book Now button.

This button will be enabled after selecting the class i.e Sleeper, First, Second and Third class of the specific train in which you wish to travel.

Once the class is selected, the Book Now button will be enabled. So, click on this button to proceed further.

After clicking on the Book Now button if you haven't logged in to your account then it will ask you to log in to your account using a valid username and password.

Once you log in to your IRCTC account successfully, you will be redirected to a new page where you need to enter your details as show below.

Start filling the passenger's detail by entering the name, age and gender as mentioned in any ID card (Adhaar/Voter ID card) that passenger should have with them while travelling on the train.

This ID card will help the passenger to verify that the ticket belongs to you when asked by the TTE.

If you want to add more passenger then click on + Add Passenger button to add the details of more passenger.

If any passenger is travelling with infant then it is necessary to enter the details of infant also, however there is no charges for infants.

A passenger can also put choice of seat by selecting the seat preferences like side lower, middle, upper and lower berth etc.

Next enter the passenger's contact number where the all the updates related to ticket will be sent.

The next step is to enter the destination address of the passenger.

At last select the payment method i.e how you will pay through BHI,/UPI or debit/credit card and then click on Continue button.