EC (Executive Chair Car Coach) Class Coach in Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi trains are super fast train that runs during day time especially for business class passengers that connects metro cities. Such trains have large number of facilities for passengers to make their journey comfortable.

For the purpose of providing better train journey experience Indian Railway has attached more classes of train reservation that makes them different from other passenger trains.

One of the class of reservation in shatabdi is EC class.

What is EC Class in Shatabdi Express?

EC which is abbreviated as executive chair car is a type of business class coach in which seats are divided in the ratio of two and are aligned like dinning table.

In this coach seats are aligned in a group of four at each side of the window in such a way that pair of two seats face each other with table in between.

Passengers can share this common table for reading books, using laptops and other various purposes.

In these type of coaches the catering charges are included already included in the ticket fair while booking the ticket and foods are served during the journey of the train.

The quality of foods served in such coaches are of superior quality in both hygiene and taste and is far better than other passenger trains.

Seats of executive chair car coaches are very comfortable for travelling with well maintained fully air conditioned coach.

The seating capacity of each coach is fixed for 46 passengers.

Passengers travelling in this coach gets very good journey experience since seats of EC coaches are wider, comfortable and luxurious.