What is D1 Coach in Train

While travelling in a train or during the booking of train ticket you might have heard about D1 coach or D coach but are you not sure what is D1 coach in train and what are the facilities provided in D1 coach, then you are not the right place because in this article you will know what exactly D1 coach means.

Indian Railways provides different type of class and coaches in a train like general coach, sleeper coach, AC coach etc.

Passengers make reservation of these coaches according to their budget and needs like passengers who are travelling for a very short distance such as two or three stations generally take general ticket while passengers that are travelling a long journey prefers to take reservation either is sleeper class or AC class and so on.

What is D1 Coach in Indian Railway?

D1 coach in train is a general class Non AC sitting coach or in other words we can say that D1 coach in train means general coach of a train.

In such type of coaches there is only facility to sit and travel because there is no berth available.

D1 coaches are the lowest and cheapest class in any train. These coaches are designed for passengers travelling for a short distance and hence only basic facilities like charging point, washroom, and exit windows are available.

In D1 compartment each section has 2 opposite full seats and two opposite single side seats where one full seat have the capacity of 4 passengers to sit and travel.

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Few years ago general coaches were unreserved and the passengers use to book tickets from the station counter few hours before the schedule arrival of the train and there was no reservation of seats also.

Then at that time these type of coaches where labelled as GEN/UR/ GN but in the year 2020 when corona pandemic hit India then in order to maintain social distancing, Indian railway started reservation of seats in general coaches also after which these unreserved coaches are called D1, D2, D3 etc. in which D1 means general class first coach, D2 means general class second coach and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is D1 general coach in train?

Yes, D1 is general coach in train.

Before covid pandemic these general coaches were unreserved but now passengers need to have reservation of seats before boarding on the train.

Where is D1 coach located in a train?

D1 coaches are generally located at the starting position near the engine of the train.

However general few general coaches are present in the front and few are the end of the train. In the middle most mostly sleeper and AC coaches are located.

If you want to check exact position of coach of any train on a platform then you can search it on Train Coach Position by just entering the train number whose coach position you want to know.

Where is D1 coach in train front or back?

D1 coach is a general coach in a train which can be either in the front near the engine or at end of the train.