3E Coach in Train

In order to make journey of passengers travelling through train more comfortable and economical Indian Railway is continuously making changes in their system.

Recently Indian Railway has introduced new type of coach called 3E in train. Most passengers have heard for the first time about the 3e coach in train. If you also want to know what is 3E coach in train then don’t worry because in this post you will get all the answers to your question about the 3E coach.

What is 3E coach in Train?

3E coach in train is also called AC-3 Economy class which is similar to 3A class or AC 3 tier coach.

3E coach in a train is a fully air conditioned like 3A coaches but since 3E coaches are recently introduced therefore it has more facility as compared to 3A.

These AC economy coaches are 8% cheaper than 3AC but the number of berths/seats is 83 as compared to AC 3 tier which consist of 72 seats per coaches.

3e coach images

Such type of coaches are advanced and improved as compared to 3AC since berths in 3E coaches are designed to provide more comfort to the passengers like each berth has its own reading light, USB charging point, water bottle holder etc.

Ladders have been provided for middle and upper berth so that even senior citizens can easily get to their seat without any problem. Along with this head space between the berths has increased that is a cool changes especially for taller passengers for whom middle berth was a sort of discomfort.

Moreover the night lamps, berth indicator and modern toilet system make this coach better and convenient for middle class passengers who wish to travel in AC coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is difference between 3A and 3E?

The main difference between 3A and 3E coaches is the ticket price and the number of seats in a coach. 3A has only 72 seats in one coach where as 3E has 11 more seats that is total 83 seats/berths in a single coach. Also the price of ticket is 8% cheaper in 3E than 3A therefore this 3e class is called economy class.

difference between 3e and 3a coach

Moreover, 3E coaches are equipped with modern facilities like water bottle holder for indiviual passengers, personal reading light and USB charging port for indiviual passenger where as in 3A coaches there is only two charging point in each compartment also there is no reading lights available on the berth.

Which is better 3A or 3E?

3A and 3E both are better at thier own place. If a passenger has low budget and still want to travel in air conditioned coach then 3E coach is best for such type of passengers.

Talking about my own personal exprience 3A coach is better than 3E because 3E coaches are conjusted because there are more number of passengers in a single coach as compared to 3A.

What is AC 3 economy 3E?

AC 3 economy 3E is an AC coach that is equipped with all modern facilities for the comfort of passengers.

These coaches are similar to 3A coaches but 8% cheaper than 3A.

How many seats does a 3E coach have?

3E coach have total 83 seats.

There are 11 more seats that is 83 berths in 3e as compared to 3A coach that has only 72 seats.

Is bedding provided in 3E?

Yes, bedding facility is provided in 3E.

If you want to check exact position of 3E coach of any train on a platform then you can search it on Train Coach Position by just entering the train number whose coach position you want to know.