Train Running Status

Live Train Running Status

If you have ever travelled through train in India then you might have waited for hours on the station looking for you train to arrive. But now your wait is over because it is very easy Check Train running status live in real-time along with expected arrival on your mobile with great accuracy from anywhere across the world with the help of

What is Train Running Status?

Train Running Status in Indian Railway means to get the live information of the train such as live location, live station, live train status etc.

It helps the passengers travelling on train to spot your train at any time from any where around the world by just using the internet.

Even passengers on the train can easily track where is my train and know intermediate stations, upcoming stations and by how much train is running late.

How to Check Train Running Status Live?

Checking online train status before and within the journey is very important for any passenger so that passenger can spot train in order to save their time.

Below are few methods that will guide you how to check live train running status or IRCTC train running status easily from your smart phone:

Method 1: Indian Railway Website

The Indian Railway website is the most popular platform where passengers can check ntes train running status live.

To check running status live, simply visit Indian Railway official website and enter your train number or name, and you will be provided with live train running status along with expected arrival, expected departure, schedule arrival, schedule departure, how much train is delayed and cancellation detail if the train is cancelled.

Method 2: Train Running Status Website

Train Running Status is the best website to spot your train and check online train status.

To check live train status just visit, Train Running Status from your any basic mobile phone, smart phone or desktop and enter the train number.

Once you enter the train number and click on Get Status, in a fraction of seconds you will be displayed with current live train running status along with schedule arrival time and estimated arrival time of the train on particular station.

Not only this, but it also displays the entire route of the train as well as information like weather the train running on time or by how much train is delayed on the upcoming station.

The information provided on the site not only helps to passengers to save their time but also helps them to plan their journey accordingly.

Method 3: SMS Service

Now days Internet are very cheap and almost available on every smart phone, however if you still don’t have an internet connection on your mobile phone, you can still check IRCTC train status using Indian Railway SMS service.

To use this service, simply follow the below steps:

Step 1: Send an SMS to 139.

Step 2: Type SPOT 'Train Number' and send it to 139.

Step 3: You will receive a message with the running status of the train.

Steps to Spot Your Train on

For using just visit Train Running Status from any mobile phone, smartphone or desktop and then just enter 5 digit train number of the train that you want to spot in the box.

Next select the train start day that is when the train has started from the source station and then click on the Get status Button.

In a while you will be displayed with Live status of the train about whom you have searched for. The online train status will consist of Train name and number, live location of the train, current station along with schedule arrival and estimated arrival of the train on the stations.

While searching for the train if you get any type of error then esure that you have entered correct train number. If the problem still exist then retry after few minutes.

Note: Always look for last updated timing of the train before arriving to any conclusion.

Why You Should Check Train Status?

Checking the running status of your train is important for the following reasons:

Helps You Plan Your Trip: Knowing the running status of your train helps you plan your trip accordingly. If your train is delayed or cancelled, you can make alternate travel arrangements.

Saves Time: Checking the running status of your train saves you time. If your train is delayed, you can adjust your schedule and avoid unnecessary waiting at the station.

Avoids Inconvenience: Knowing the running status of your train beforehand helps you avoid inconvenience during your journey. If your train is cancelled, you can make alternate arrangements or reschedule your trip."